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I need help with my July rent

little square started this conversation

    My name is Diann Kelley and I am seeking any kind of assistance with my rent for July.  I am currently unemployed and looking for a job.  I just need help for this month so that my son,who is legally blind and I do not have to move out on the street.  Please wont someone help us! 

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Hi Diann, Have you considered calling CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network)? In the '80s, my late husband and I were in a tough spot and couldn't pay our rent. I called CBN, and they prayed with me, and sent the necessary aid directly to the apartments' main office. I felt much better after speaking to the woman who answered the phone, and they moved quickly as far as helping us with the rent problem. It was a one-time only situation, which was all we needed; your situation sounds similar. It's worth a try! Best of luck to you! God bless, Beep

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